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NHS Pension Scheme Calculator
This calculator was formulated for the 1995 pension scheme only.
Since then the 2008 scheme has been introduced and soon the 2015 scheme will be introduced.
If you will only have been in the 1995 scheme then you can use this calculator.
Alternatively, click here for one that will incorporate the 2008 scheme.

When you retire you will get a pension and tax free lump sum. Your annual pension will be 1/80 of the best of your last 3 years pensionable pay for each year of Scheme membership. Part years of membership will also count towards your pension. This will usually be paid for the rest of your life. Your lump sum will normally be 3 times your yearly pension, but married men with membership before 25.3.72 may get a smaller lump sum. This is because membership before that date only counts as one third of the value of later membership when the lump sum is worked out. There are some limits on the amount of membership that can count for benefits. These are:

  • not more than 40 years at age 60 (55 for special classes)
  • not more than 45 years altogether
  • you cannot be a member after age 70 (65 for special classes)

Special classes are Scheme members in certain employments who joined the Scheme before 6.3.95

You can use this calculator to estimate what your pension is likely to be when you retire.

Notes Description Data Entry
Enter your current salary (excluding any amounts you do not pay pension contributions on) Annual Salary
Enter the total number of whole years Scheme membership Membership in Years
Annual Pension Calculated £
The Lump Sum assumes you are female, a single male or, if a married male, that all your membership has been accrued after 25 March 1972 Lump Sum Retirement Allowance Calculated £
Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed.
Non-numeric values will cause errors.

Do not use the above figures to calculate your actual pension.
The above calculator is intended purely as a guide or estimate of what you might receive.

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